Hatha Yoga (all ages and fitness levels)

Classical Hatha Yoga class, focusing on breathing, stretching, balance, strengthening and alignment. Please bring a mat and water.


Kripalu-Inspired Hatha Yoga (all ages and fitness levels)

While incorporating the principles of Hatha yoga, Kripalu yoga views postures as tools to release chronic tension, stretch and strengthen the body, and increase self-awareness. Practiced regularly, it becomes a meditation in motion. 


Gentle Prana Yoga (all ages and fitness levels)

This yoga class focuses on breathwork, stretching from head to toe, easy postures, and sometimes, easy flows. Modifications and adjustments are offered. Guidance is given every step along the way to help you relax and decompress from the busy day.

Slow Flow Yoga (all ages and fitness levels)

This class focuses on poses ranging from gentle to challenging. The pace is slower and emphasis is placed on safe alignment and balance so new students can build confidence and familiarity while more experienced students can refine fundamentals of alignment and explore deeper sensations.

Peak Pose Yoga (all ages and fitness levels)

The term "peak pose" typically refers to a select yoga pose, such as Ardha Chrindrasana, (Half Moon) that the Yoga instructor guides the students towards. By moving through a series of customized sequencing. the yogi is able to open the areas of the body that assist with easing into the "peak pose". Yoga props suck as blocks, straps and the wall are often incorporated in order to humbly practice the "peak pose". The peak pose is then complemented with opposing movements and stretches in order to balance out the body energetically. Focused breathing is always an integral part of practice.

Cardio Classes

Zumba (all ages and fitness levels)

A fusion of international music, beats and rhythms with fun, energetic dance routines. Zumba combines aerobic and body sculpting movements, with easy-to-follow, calorie-burning dance steps, creating a dynamic and effective workout. 

Fit for Life (all ages and fitness levels)

Have fun while completing this full body workout. This class includes a warm up, aerobic dance movements, body sculpting exercises (using dumbbells, elastic tubing, mats, etc.), and a muscle stretching cool down routine.


Cardio Sculpt Interval (all ages and fitness levels)

Moving to good, fun music, the choreography is simple and easily adaptable to high or low impact moves. The intervals alternate between weight training/body sculpting (with options for 30 second high-interval moves) and basic cardio moves for a total body workout, maximizing fat burning and increasing cardiovascular fitness. The class concludes with a mat workout, isolating abs and specific body parts. Gentle stretching completes the total experience.

Sculpt & Stretch on the Step(all ages and fitness levels)

Utilizing the step for standing, Sitting and lying down, this class focuses 40 minutes on sculpting the large and small muscles of the body. Lightweights, balls and Thera Bands are incorporated to help isolate the working muscles. Muscles and connective tissues are then stretched and opened to maximize range of motion which creates a feeling of freedom throughout the body.

Silver Sneakers

Combine fun with fitness that is safe, heart-healthy and gentle on the joints!


Our signature group exercise classes are designed specifically for older adults and taught by specially trained, certified instructors.  Have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength and improve range of motion and balance, while using light dumbbells, elastic tubing, balls, etc. A chair is used for seated routines and can be used for support during standing exercises.

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Fitness Classes

Pilates Sculpt (all ages and fitness levels)

Following the Pilates method, learn the basic moves of the mat workout, as well as the correct use of the small apparatuses used in Pilates. A combination of stretching, strength training, and sculpting exercises, with moves to improve balance and posture, results in a total body workout. Specific exercises vary in each class for motivational purposes.