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Nautilus Fitness NSB

Nautilus exercise equipment was first developed by Arthur Jones in the late 1960's.  Jones developed equipment with the purpose of creating a fitness machine that accommodated human movement.  The original machines were known for their logarithmic-spiral cams that resembled a nautilus shell, and so the name was born.

In the 1990's Bernd W____ opened Nautilus by the Sea in the Publix Shopping Center on 3rd Avenue. This space was outgrown and the Fitness Center moved to our current location.

In 2012 Nautilus by the Sea was purchased by the owners of Medical Exercise Associates, Chris and Nancy Fulton. In 2017, the facility was purchased by Maureen Manning-Legros and Eric Legros. In January 2023, the Fitness Center was purchased by Amy Whisler and Christian Zeagler and rebranded as Nautilus Fitness NSB.

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